InfiniDB Products

Piwik Web Analytics Benchmark performed on Apache Hadoop , comparing InfiniDB’s SQL query engine and Impala from Cloudera.

Exceptional Scaling and Speed

The InfiniDB ® database combines columnar technology with massive parallel processing (MPP) to deliver the exceptional scaling and speed you need for transformational, real-time analytics against Big Data sets. Your queries will take less time on InfiniDB, and as your data needs grow, so does your analytics platform.

Big Data Insights Without the Big Data Costs

100% open source, InfiniDB is the price for performance leader in Big Data SQL analytics. Right-out-of the box, you get the power, performance, and ease-of-use you desire in a sophisticated analytics solution, but without the high price tag normally associated with proprietary solutions. As well, InfiniDB is completely MySQL ® accessible, eliminating the need for costly retraining or retooling. If you know MySQL, you know InfiniDB.

Powerful Analytics... Anywhere

Three open source versions of InfiniDB are available today, providing you with the flexibility to deploy your Big Data analytics application wherever it makes most sense for you:

InfiniDB ®

InfiniDB is our award-winning, columnar database that enables you to use a familiar MySQL ® interface for large scale, ad-hoc BI, as well as dimensional and predictive analytics.

InfiniDB ® for the Cloud

InfiniDB for the Cloud enables you to deploy massively scalable, high-performance analytics applications in Amazon Web Service ® (AWS ® ) with dynamic provisioning.

InfiniDB ® for Apache Hadoop

InfiniDB for Apache Hadoop integrates with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and enables you to perform real-time, high-performance ad hoc analytics within an Apache Hadoop cluster.

InfiniDB Features

Each version of InfiniDB ® is offered with an open-source core and an optional Enterprise Subscription. The InfiniDB Enterprise Subscription is a comprehensive offering of enhanced server software and enterprise-level SLA support.

 InfiniDB ® InfiniDB ® for the CloudInfiniDB ® for
Apache Hadoop
Scalable architectureYesYesYes
Performant ad hoc analysisYesYesYes
Consistent query response timeYesYesYes
Simplified data administrationYesYesYes
Analytic window functionsYesYesYes
Native MySQL ® driver supportYesYesYes
LicenseOpen sourceOpen sourceOpen source
Automated cluster installation on AWS ® --Yes--
Dynamic scaling to handle variable workloads--Yes--
Data layer high availabilityGlusterFS ® Elastic Block Store ® --
Windows supportYes----
Linux ® supportCentOS/RHEL 5 & 6
Debian 5 & 6
Ubuntu 10 & 12
CentOS Machine ImageCentOS Machine Image
Native scoop integration----Yes
Runs on your existing Apache Hadoop hardware----Yes
SQL access to Apache Hadoop data----Yes
Enterprise 24/7 support with SLAsYesYesYes
Production tools: rebalancing, performance tuning, etc.YesYesYes
Debug & diagnostic scripts for troubleshootingYesYesYes
Certified releases & service packsYesYesYes
Hot fixesYesYesYes
ISV/OEM licenseAvailableAvailableAvailable

Professional Services

Data driven businesses rely on their data to always be available to provide real-time, analytic insights when and where they’re needed. InfiniDB helps customers get the most value from their InfiniDB deployments with a variety of professional services:

InfiniDB Enterprise Support

InfiniDB's 24x7 dedicated support resources ensure that should a problem arise with your InfiniDB deployment, expert help is readily available by phone, email, or web access. Our expert staff will diagnose and resolve your InfiniDB issues quickly, and as needed, provide software fixes for known InfiniDB issues.

InfiniDB Accelerator Program

The InfiniDB Accelerator program is designed to fastrack your organization's deployment of InfniDB.  Early-on in your deployment, an InfiniDB Solutions Architect will proivde technical insight and best practices to help move your InfiniDB cluster from proof-of-concept to production, quickly and with optimal performance.

InfiniDB Training

If your team needs additional instruction on InfiniDB, take advantage of private, onsite or virtual training sessions. We offer training on a variety of topics to help your team succeed when deploying and managing InfiniDB.

InfiniDB Design Services

Whether your Big Data project is large or small, making the right technology and implementation choices up front often determines the success of the project. Let our experts at InfiniDB help you with data and system architecture design to ensure that you are well positioned to make the most of your Big Data investment.

InfiniDB Optimization Services

If you are already an InfiniDB user, take advantage of our optimization services to ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency. Let us review overall software health, system usage patterns, query efficiency, etc. and make specific, targeted recommendations that will improve your end-user experience.

InfiniDB Custom Development Services

Whether you need help scripting a particular migration scenario or just can’t wait for that one special feature on the InfiniDB roadmap, you can get just what you need with our development services. We know that all customers have these unique business requirements and our team is ready to help.

Which ever version of InfiniDB you choose, you’ll benefit from cost-saving, revenue enhancing Big Data insights that only InfiniDB can deliver, at a price for performance that is a cut above the rest.